Supporting Australian grape and wine producers

The Australian Wine Research Institute

Winemaking advice and problem solving

We have a dedicated team of qualified and experienced winemakers and technical staff who support Australian winemakers. Services include a free-of-charge winemaking consultancy available to winemakers who pay the Winegrapes and/or Grape Research levies; regional seminars and workshops; emergency response and trouble-shooting service. Resources are focused on ensuring information is available to winemakers for self-help, diagnosis and correction where required.

Winemaking consultancy and problem solving services

  • Advice on best practice winemaking and packaging
  • Investigation and solving of winemaking problems
  • Identification of chemical and microbiological hazes and deposits in wine
  • Identification of wine faults and taints
  • Emergency response to wine sector crisis

Please read our Terms and Conditions and Winemaking and Extension Services fact sheet for more information.

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