Business model

The AWRI model combines and integrates world-class research and development, information and knowledge extension and commercial services.

The AWRI works exclusively for the benefit of the Australian wine industry, and supports the industry in the following manner:

  • Undertakes strategic and applied research of the chemical, microbiological, molecular and sensory aspects of winemaking.
  • Provides an industry development and support service, which involves:
  • Provides NATA-accredited Commercial Services that accelerates the practical application of research outcomes in the Australian wine industry (including over 100,000 datapoints each year); provides method and trouble-shooting advice; and assists with export analysis and procedures.
  • Publication of over 1,600 papers and articles
  • Supervises post-graduate students, and provides lectures to undergraduate students.

Organisations co-located on the Waite Research Precinct with the AWRI include: