Position Vacant – Postdoctoral Research Scientist

The Australian Wine Research Institute (AWRI) is the Australian grape and wine industry’s own research organisation. It supports a sustainable and successful grape and wine industry through world-class research, practical solutions and knowledge transfer. The AWRI has strong links with the wine industry and other research organisations both nationally and internationally and provides a stimulating and challenging work environment.

Applications are invited for the position of Postdoctoral Research Scientist in the AWRI’s Research Group. The position will be for a fixed term of 18 months, full-time, with a focus on the wine chemistry of non-volatile compounds across multiple projects. The Postdoctoral Research Scientist will contribute to projects aiming to identify sensorially active compounds in grapes and wine and improve understanding of the role of winemaking techniques on the extraction and retention of non-volatile compounds. Of particular interest is new knowledge on compounds or classes of compounds that contribute to negative wine attributes (e.g. bitterness, astringency or instabilities).

The ideal candidate would have relevant tertiary qualifications in science, including a recent PhD in chemistry or a related field, with a strong track record of peer-reviewed publications and conference presentations. A good understanding of experimental design in a research context and the ability to work effectively to meet project milestones is required. The candidate should be technically proficient in liquid chromatography techniques, particularly in high-performance liquid chromatography, and have demonstrated skills in statistical analysis, mass spectrometry and/or NMR spectroscopy. Experience in wine-related research and/or a good understanding of the winemaking process, in analytical method development (extraction, separation, identification and quantification) and in organic chemistry are desirable. Applicants are sought who are excellent communicators and team players; and have a high level of integrity and scientific curiosity.

For more information on the position and a position description please visit the 2019 Post Doctorate Position Description or contact Dr Keren Bindon on +61 8 8313 6600 or keren.bindon@awri.com.au.

Applications should be completed via the online application form by Friday, 25 September 2019. Only applications that are completed via the online application form will be considered.