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Amy Rinaldo

Position: Manager Applied Biosciences

B Biotech (Hons), Flinders
PhD University of Adelaide

Email: [please enable JavaScript to view email address]
Phone: 08 83136600
Fax: 08 83136601
Since: 16/11/2015

Rinaldo, A.R., Cavallini, E., Jia, Y., Moss, S.M.A., McDavid, D.A.J., Hooper, L.C., Robinson, S.P., Tornielli, G.B., Zenoni, S., Ford, C.M., Boss, P.K., & Walker, A.R. 2015. A grapevine anthocyanin acyltransferase, transcriptionally regulated by VvMYBA, can produce most acylated anthocyanins present in grape skins. Plant Physiology 169(3): 1897-1916.

Rinaldo, A.R. & , Ayliffe, M. 2015. Gene targeting and editing in crop plants: a new era of precision opportunities. Molecular Breeding 35: 1-15.