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Randell Taylor

Position: Manager Trace Laboratory

BSc(Hons) University of Adelaide

Email: [please enable JavaScript to view email address]
Phone: 08 8313 6600
Fax: 08 8313 6601
Since: 1 March 1996

Wine sensory and quality studies.


Nygaard, M., Cream, M., Taylor, R., Wilkes, E. (2006)Quality management in the laboratory – practical tools and examples from a NATA accredited wine laboratory. Aust. N.Z. Wine Ind. J. 21(6): 31–36.

Hayasaka, Y.; MacNamara, K.; Baldock, G.A.; Taylor, R.L.; Pollnitz, A.P. (2003). Application of Stir Bar Sorptive Extraction for wine analysis. Analytical Bioanalytical Chemistry, 375, 948-955.