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AWRI Commercial Services’ NATA-accredited laboratories perform more than 100,000 analyses per year and have serviced the Australian wine industry since 1984. The laboratories deliver high-quality cost-effective routine, export or specialist analyses, whether it is for a single sample or a large batch of samples.

A summary of analyses performed, prices, sample volumes and turnaround times is provided on the current price list.


  1. The Uncertainty of Measurement for both NATA and non-NATA methods is available here.
  2. The Uncertainty of Measurement for Trace laboratory methods is available here.
  3. Result interpretation for select methods is available here.
  4. 2. All references to target response time (turnaround time) are the number of working days (Monday to Friday) from receipt of the samples. The target response time is only applicable to batches of fewer than 15 samples.
  5. Prices are only relevant to levy payers who meet the credit conditions that are listed in the Terms and Conditions.


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