Alcoholic strength analysis

Alcoholic strength analysis by near infrared reflectance (NIR)/FOSS FTIR Winescan

These infra-red methods are fast and accurate and can be used for wines containing < 30 g/L of glucose + fructose. The NIR method has been calibrated using distillation and pycnometry. The FOSS FTIR Winescan method has been calibrated using the distillation and NIR method.

Alcoholic strength analysis by distillation/densitometry

This primary reference method is used for analysis of sweet or fortified wine products.

Methanol Analysis

The concentration of methanol in wine, fortified and spirit samples is determined by capillary gas chromatography using an acetonitrile internal standard. This analysis is used to determine the methanol content of fortifying spirit, and has been used at the AWRI to measure the extent of possible brine contamination. Acetaldehyde and ethyl acetate can be analysed simultaneously to methanol.

Prices per analysis (excluding GST)
Analysis Per Sample (excluding GST)
Alcohol by winescan
Volume required – 200 mL
Target response time – 24 hrs
Alcohol by NIR
Volume required – 200 mL
Target response time – 24 hrs
Alcohol by distillation/densitometry
Volume required – 250 mL
Target response time – 24 hours
Volume required – 750 mL bottle
Higher alcohol screen (includes ethyl acetate, n-propanol, iso-butanol, iso-amylalcohol, acetaldeyhde, methanol, tert-butanol, n-pentanol, n-butanol)*
Volume required – 155 mL

* Currently provided by an external NATA-accredited contract laboratory with a turnaround time of 15 working days. Please ensure sample is provided with minimum headspace.

For more information please contact AWRI Commercial Services on (08) 8313 6600 or e-mail