Miscellaneous calculations

Total alcohol

The total alcohol calculation is based upon the amount of sugar present in a wine that could be converted to ethanol by yeast during fermentation.

The analysis results required to calculate total alcohol are:
reducing sugar, or glucose fructose, and alcoholic strength

Total sugar content

Total sugar content is the sum of the glucose, fructose and sucrose in a wine. It is determined using the Rebelein method for measuring reducing sugars.

Total dry extract

Total dry extract includes all matter which is non-volatile under specified physical conditions.

The analysis required for its determination are:
alcoholic strength, specific gravity, volatile acidity, sulfur dioxide

Sugar free extract

The Sugar Free Extract calculation is the Total Dry Extract minus the Total Sugar Content.

Approximate calorie value

The approximate calorie value of a wine is determined by calculating the energy value from the alcoholic strength and reducing sugar. An estimate is also made of the energy value of other wine components such as protein and polysaccharides.

The analysis required for its determination are:
alcoholic strength, reducing sugar

Prices per analysis
Analysis Per sample (excluding GST)
Calculation request $10.50

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