Other analyses


The presence of anthocyanin diglucoside pigments in red or rosé wine, particularly malvidin diglucoside, is used as an indication of whether the wine has been made using fruit other than Vitis vinifera species, which do not contain appreciable quantities of diglucosides. These diglucosides are detected by means of their fluorescence under ultra-voilet light and can also be quantified using HPLC.

Laccase activity

Wines made from grapes affected by Botrytis cinerea may contain laccase, an enzyme which, due to its relative stability in wine, is capable of causing serious oxidative damage. Knowledge of its presence can lead to corrective action. Laccase results are reported in units/Laccase.


This analysis measures the wines’ susceptibility by inducing pinking using hydrogen peroxide and measuring the susceptibility and the precursor content.

Prices per analysis
Analysis Per Sample (excluding GST) Volume required Target response time
Anthocyanin diglucosides – qualitative – UV Light $31.50 10 mL 24 hrs
Laccase activity $44.10 20 mL 24 hrs
Pinking $40.95 750 mL 48 hrs

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