Sugar analysis and hydrometry

Glucose + Fructose

Glucose + Fructose are measured using the FOSS FTIR Winescan or the Randox Daytona enzymatic analyser. This may also be measured in combination with organic acids by HPLC.


The Rebelein method provides a method of determining the reducing sugars present in wine and grape juice samples. This method involves reacting the reducing sugars present in these sample with excess alkaline cupric (Cu++) tartrate, from which the concentration of reducing sugars is determined from the amount of Cu++ remaining after reaction. The Cu++ remaining can be determined by reducing the Cu++ with iodine (2Cu++ + 2I → 2Cu+ + I2) and estimating the remaining iodine with standard thiosulphate solution (I2 + 2S2O32- → 2I + S4O62-).


Brix is measured using a digital refractometer and can easily be converted to baumé by dividing the brix result by 1.8.

Specific gravity

A FOSS FTIR Winescan density meter may be used to measure specific gravity. Specific gravity is a requirement of some export certificates.

Prices per analysis
Analysis Per Sample (excluding GST) Volume required Target response time
Glucose + Fructose by Winescan $10.50 200 mL 24 hrs
Specific Gravity by Winescan $10.50
Brix / Baumé $10.50 50 mL or 200g berries 24 hrs
Sucrose by Rebelein $36.75 25 mL 24 hrs
Reducing Sugar by Rebelein $26.25
Glucose + Fructose by Gallery $31.50 10 mL 24 hrs
Specific gravity by density meter $21.00 200 mL 24 hrs

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