Accounts and Forms

Thank you for choosing AWRI Commercial Services. If you would like to submit samples to Commercial Services for analysis please verify with Customer Service if you have an existing account. If not, you will need to establish an account before we can process any samples for analysis.

Establishing a new account

To establish an account we simply require you to complete either the 30 day credit terms account application form or the prepayment application form, these accounts are outlined below.

Prepayment account – The prepayment account requires payment before analysis can be completed. After this account is established you will be required to obtain a quote from Customer Service prior to sample submission, make payment and submit a purchase order with samples. The quote must be paid in full before we can process the samples. This is done using direct (bank details are on the prepayment form) or credit card. A tax invoice will be generated once the work is complete.

Prepayment accounts are generally best if you will only be submitting samples occasionally and will not require urgent analysis. To set up a prepayment account, please complete the ‘Prepayment account application’ form.

30 day credit account – This is a standard account where all work is invoiced upon completion and a statement is issued at the end of the month. Although a little more paperwork is required for the initial set up of the account, the only paperwork required on an ongoing basis is a purchase order when submitting samples.

Purchase orders – A purchase order must be submitted with all samples. It must clearly state the company / account name, a contact person for the samples and contact details, the sample descriptions (this description will appear on your analytical report) and the required analysis. You may create your own purchase order, or use the ‘Purchase order form’ provided.

Once you have completed the relevant forms, please return them by email to, or by fax to (08) 8313 6621.

If you have any further questions please phone Customer Service on (08) 8313 6600.

Important information

AWRI Credit Information Management Policy