The WineCloud

The WineCloud is a web-based application that allows grape, ferment and wine data to be uploaded, analysed and stored in a secure environment online.

The WineCloud provides users with the ability to calculate tannin, colour and phenolics attributes in red grape, ferment and wine samples based on UV/Visible spectral readings. All data are stored securely and confidentially on the AWRI’s virtual private server. The WineCloud platform currently has two access options:

  1. Grape & Wine standard access; and
  2. Grape & Wine standard + tannin access

Standard access provides users with the ability to store, analyse and benchmark grape, ferment and wine analytical data. Standard + tannin access allows users to calculate tannin, phenolics and colour measures by using their own UV-Vis spectral data.

Pricing applies per SITE and there is no limit on the number of sites allowed per organisation.

Tier Annual Fee (AUD$)
100 blocks/blends included
Additional 100 blocks/blends
Standard access 200 50
Standard access + tannin access 950 200

The subscription fee includes the ability to analyse 100 blocks (grape samples) and 100 blends (wine samples). Any block or blend can be analysed multiple times and this does not impact on the total (remaining) allocation, i.e. each block/blend would only be counted once. Additional allocations of blocks/blends can be purchased at any time.

If you select Standard + tannin access, then you will need a UV-Vis spectrophotometer to collect the absorbance readings necessary to generate the tannin, phenolics and colour measures. There is a simple calibration process, which takes a week to carry out. This allows the AWRI to make sure that your instrument performance is reliable for generating the tannin, phenolics and colour data. Daily checks of a supplied QC standard are used to ensure ongoing instrument performance and allow you to process absorbance data.

For tannin, phenolics and colour analysis of grapes, there are two options:

  1. Measurement of total tannin potential – this also provides measures for total anthocyanins and phenolics, but requires a homogeniser and centrifuge for sample preparation.
  2. Measurement of extractable tannin – this does not require any additional equipment for sample preparation.
Subscribe to the WineCloud

To subscribe to the WineCloud, please go to and register for access . The process is completely automated, including provision for secure online payment.

The AWRI is available to provide ongoing technical support, if you need it.

If you have any questions, please check out the FAQ or contact the AWRI at