Environmental strategy

AWRI Commercial Services has significant expertise in the development and execution of environmental strategies for commercial customers. Unlike many consultants working in this field, we have an excellent knowledge of the specifics of commercial winemaking built on a foundation of process engineering qualifications and experience. We are therefore able to assist your organisation in useful environmental accounting and the formulation of strategies to improve your environmental performance.

Key environmental areas of interest include greenhouse gas emissions and water use. Depending on customer requirements, we can work on the facility/company level or alternatively at the product/brand level. We have completed full product life cycle assessments in compliance with national and international standards to allow companies to understand and communicate the footprint of their products to consumers.

We also recognise that specific product initiatives are often only one part of an overall corporate responsibility plan and we can assist in developing a holistic solution.

For further information on the services offered please contact Commercial Services on 08 8313 6600.