Refrigeration accounts for as much as 50%-70% of winery electricity consumption. Electricity costs are rising and there is considerable interest in decreasing refrigeration-related electricity use and/or costs. The Grape and Wine Research and Development Corporation (now Wine Australia) funded a project for  AWRI Commercial Services to investigate how Australian wineries can improve refrigeration efficiency.

A short reference guide produced by the project can be downloaded below. This includes an overview of winery refrigeration and improvement opportunities.

Improving Winery Refrigeration Efficiency – Reference Guide

Case studies investigating selected topics in more detail were performed at two wineries (Winery A and Winery B) during 2011. Three technical reports on this work are available below. The topics considered in each report are listed.

Winery A – Case study report

  • Warmer brine temperatures
  • Cooling system operation and control systems
  • Cooling system maintenance
  • Plant shutdown/infrequent running
  • External heat exchangers

Winery B – Case study report 1

  • Warmer white fermentation temperatures
  • Tank stratification

Winery B – Case study report 2

  • Storage temperatures
  • Night-time cooling