Bottling line assessments

Benchmarking of oxygen management at bottling

AWRI Commercial Services has now extended its Packaging Solutions capability to include a service to help bottling lines measure their ability to manage the total package oxygen, TPO, getting into a bottle at bottling. The TPO comprises the amount of oxygen in both the headspace and dissolved in the wine matrix. The service quantifies the TPO values using oxyluminescence technology. For more information about why TPO should be managed at bottling, see Total package oxygen (TPO).

Typical TPOs, measured by AWRI Commercial Services bottling line benchmarking service across Australian and New Zealand facilities, are presented in Figure 1, with the oxygen in the wine (DO) and the headspace shown separately. Oxygen management audits have shown that typically more than 60% of the oxygen in the bottle is in the headspace. If you are only measuring the DO, then you are overlooking the majority of the oxygen in the bottle.

Figure 1. AWRI oxygen management audits conducted with oxyluminescence technology as the reference method.

The service provided involves completion of the following tasks:

  • Visual assessment of oxygen management systems
  • Evaluation of bottling line performance during packaging of 1 batch of wine using an AWRI standardised protocol
  • Evaluation of oxygen pickup points throughout bottling facility
  • Analysis of oxygen levels in bottle headspace and dissolved in wine matrix using oxyluminescence technology
  • Data analysis and report of results.

Deliverables include:

  • A statistically robust snapshot of your bottling oxygen management performance
  • Benchmarking of this performance against other bottling facilities
  • An evaluation of where in your facility oxygen pickup occurred
  • Recommendation of management practices to improve oxygen management performance.

O’Brien, V., Colby, C., Nygaard, M. (2009) Managing oxygen ingress at bottling. The Australian and New Zealand Wine Industry Journal 24(1) : 24-29. To view this paper, click here (PDF, 630kb).

For more information about this service, please contact AWRI Commercial Services via or  (08) 8313 6600.