Grapevine virus elimination

AWRI Commercial Services can eliminate deleterious viruses from a grapevine using chemotherapy. This process takes up to 12 months.

It is not possible to guarantee the removal of grapevine stem pitting-associated virus, as this virus is the hardest virus to remove and is present in all grapevine varieties in Australia.

The program starts with actively growing green shoots (20 shoot tips). If dormant canes are sent (six canes) the client will pay for the glasshouse growing facilities required to maintain cuttings until new buds emerge (~ 1-2 months).

Green shoot tips are sterilised and transferred to culture media. It takes at least two months for the shoot tips to become established in sterile culture.

A virus test will be carried out at this stage. Virus negative plantlets will be subcultured in media containing an antiviral chemical and grown for 30 days. At this stage a second virus test will be done.

Plantlets free of detectable virus will be subcultured in fresh media containing the antiviral chemical and grown for another 30 days. This stage will be repeated.

Plantlets will be subcultured in media without the antiviral agent and grown for one month before performing the third round of virus testing. Virus negative plantlets will be transferred to a minimal rooting medium.

The number of cultures will be increased and 20 rooted plantlets in sterile culture will be dispatched to the client.

Clients will be responsible for establishing the vines in their own facility. Alternatively, this service can be provided for an additional charge. After one dormant season, or 12 months, the vines will be retested for viruses at the client’s cost.


Skiada, F. G. Maliogka V. I. Katis, N. I. and Eleftheriou, E. P. 2013. Elimination of Grapevine rupestris stem pitting-associated virus (GRSPaV) from two Vitis vinifera cultivars by in vitro chemotherapy. Eur. J. Plant Path. 135:407–414.

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