Grapevine virus elimination

A crucial step in managing vineyard health is ensuring that all new propagating material is free of deleterious viral pathogens. Sourcing virus-free planting material, however, is not always possible for certain grapevine varieties and clones.

AWRI Commercial Services offers a virus elimination service, which uses a combination of tissue culture, chemotherapy and thermotherapy to eliminate deleterious viruses from grapevine plantlets.

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Skiada, F.G., Maliogka, V.I., Katis, N.I., Eleftheriou, E.P. 2013. Elimination of Grapevine rupestris stem pitting-associated virus (GRSPaV) from two Vitis vinifera cultivars by in vitro chemotherapy. Eur. J. Plant Path. 135: 407–414.

Grapevine virus elimination fact sheet


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