Overseas samples for virus diagnostics

AWRI Commercial Services holds a permit that allows nucleic acid extracted from plant material to be sent for virus diagnostics. This extraction is simple and can be done using a specialised kit that will be provided to you. Please contact the virus team for more information.

Upon arrival in Australia, the overseas DNA extracts will be inspected by quarantine services at the client’s cost. In order for samples to be cleared at customs, they should be addressed and include all documentation as described below.

Packaging and labelling of samples:

  • Each vial should have a label affixed with a unique sample description or code
  • All vials should be sealed to prevent leakage and placed in a durable and sealed plastic bag (double-bagging is recommended)
  • The bag should be placed in a durable outer container to prevent damage in transit.

The outer container should have:

  • A label addressing the package as follows:

Dr Amy Rinaldo of The Australian Wine Research Institute
C/O Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment
Nursery stock/seeds unit
Adelaide International Airport
Sir Donald Bradman Drive
Export Park SA 5950

Consignment number: e.g. DHL waybill number or appropriate courier number
Description of goods
: X number of plant nucleic acid samples
For in vitro virus diagnostics
Plant species: (e.g. Vitis vinifera)
Source pathogens(s): None or unknown viruses (or list viruses that are known to be present).
This should be followed by a statement similar to the example below (delete information where not relevant to your samples):
Nucleic acid was extracted from Vitis vinifera plants that were free from symptoms, not known or suspected to be infected with pathogens, and were not collected in the field or from plantings or seed lots with evidence of infection, past or present. However, there may be unknown plant viruses, which is the purpose of the import of these samples for diagnostic testing.
Nucleic acid extraction method: Nucleic acids in this consignment were extracted using a standard laboratory procedure involving 4 M guanidine lysis buffer which lyses cells and results in a purified DNA and RNA product.
Commercial value of goods: $0.00 AUD