Wine microbiology

AWRI Commercial Services has a state of the art capability to deliver customised microbiological-based services to the wine industry. The team of specialised scientists can conduct a diverse range of projects and trials, and has been involved in a number of major product development projects for global commercial companies.

Some examples of the tailored services available include:

  • Microbiological audits of bottling lines
  • Brettanomyces audits of wineries
  • Consulting/troubleshooting on microbiological-related issues
  • Small-scale winemaking (200 µl – 30 L) for research and commercial trials
  • Novel yeast strain development
  • High-throughput physiological screening of yeast
  • Metagenomics tools to characterise natural ferments
  • Chemical and sensorial characterisation of alcoholic beverages and ferments

For more information about the microbiological services available, please contact or phone 08 8313 6600.

The following factsheets are available for download: