Workshop W39 – Commercial Innovations in grape and juice processing

As part of the 15thAustralian Wine Industry Technical Conference in July 2013, AWRI convened a workshop on grape and juice processing equipment. The main intention of the workshop was to provide attendees with information on equipment that is new or unusual or that has not been widely used in Australia. Suppliers were asked to speak on specific technologies. Pdfs of their presentations are provided below for download.

Please note: These presentations were prepared by the equipment suppliers listed, not by AWRI, and AWRI does not necessarily endorse the views presented. Before the purchase of any major winery equipment AWRI recommends appropriate background investigations being undertaken; including visits to facilities already using similar equipment, consultation with independent experts and the performing of in-house trials.

AWRI received no payment from suppliers for the inclusion of their equipment in the workshop.

For any further details on the workshop please contact AWRI Senior Engineer, Dr Simon Nordestgaard, by email at

Presentation topic(s) Presenter(s)
  • Vibrating destemmer on-harvester / in-winery (Selectiv’)
  • Optical sorter (SelectivVision)
  • Centrifugal impact crusher (Extractiv’)
Louise Fraser
& Frank O’Riley
  • Vibrating destemmer (Delta Oscillys)
  • Optical sorter (Delta Vistalys)
  • Inert gas press (Bucher Inertys)
Samuel Plumejeau
  • Sulfur dioxide addition during pressing (Enoxy+)
  • Flash détente
Jean-Luc Favarel
  • Continuous pneumatic membrane press (PCM)
Roberto Berto
(Siprem) & Scott Kalms (ABEVE)
  • Decanter centrifuges as press substitutes in-winery (Vinex) / on-harvester (Harvinex) and for lees processing
Kevin Dawe
  • Continuous and batch flotation systems for juice clarification
Etjen Bizaj