Entwine – what’s involved?

Entwine Australia membership categories

Entwine Australia membership is available to all Australian wine-grape growers and wineries. All members are required to renew their membership annually and report business metrics to the AWRI through the Entwine online interface. There are three categories of membership:

Membership category Membership requirements Annual fees*
Certified member Participation in an Entwine-approved certification program and a triennial third-party audit.

Reporting of Entwine business metrics.

Member Participation in an Entwine-approved certification program and a self-assessment.

Reporting of Entwine business metrics.

Associate member Reporting of Entwine business metrics. $110

*Fees are quoted in Australian dollars and include GST. Fees are for one year’s membership (1 July 2017-30 June 2018) and are not refundable.

Certified members

Certified members participate in an Entwine-approved certification program such as ISO14001, Freshcare Environmental Viticulture/Winery or Sustainable Winegrowing Australia McLaren Vale. They are required to demonstrate their commitment to this program with a triennial third-party audit.

Ordinary members also participate in an Entwine-approved certification program. Members are required to perform an annual self-assessment but are not required to participate in a third-party audit. Members’ self-assessments are reported online during the membership renewal period (July-August each year).

Associate members

Associate membership is a pathway to ordinary and certified membership of Entwine. Associate members are only required to provide annual reporting of Entwine business metrics, but do not require third-party audits or self-assessments. Associate membership may be held for a maximum of two years after which time it is expected that the Associate member will engage in an approved program and become eligible for ordinary membership.

All members of Entwine must report annually against a set of defined business metrics.

Vineyard members Winery members
Tonnes of grapes produced (% red and white)

Production system (conventional, organic, biodynamic)

Area under vine

Electricity purchased

Electricity generated

Total water use

Total nitrogen applied

Total petrol use

Total diesel use

Total LPG use

Irrigation type

Irrigation source

Use of contractors

Vineyard floor management

Biodiversity area

Tonnes of grapes produced (% red and white)

Winemaking processing & packaging volumes

Total winery water use

Total wastewater generated

Winery wastewater treatment

Total solid waste produced

Solid waste treatment (recycling/compost)

Electricity purchased

Electricity generated

Total natural gas used

Total petrol used

Total diesel used

Total LPG used

Winemaking CO2

Synthetic refrigerants

Biodiversity area

Entwine membership fees

Membership fees are payable for each winery site or vineyard operation that joins Entwine and are directly related to submission of data and certification. Vineyard fees may vary depending on ownership structures and location. If a company operates several vineyards within one region that are run as a single business (e.g. managed in the same way) only one fee payment and membership is required. If a company manages multiple vineyards which are operated separately (e.g. in different geographical regions) a separate fee is payable for each operational area. The company that is responsible for the management of the vineyard is the entity that can join Entwine, whether or not this includes land ownership.

Co-owned and co-located vineyards and wineries hold individual memberships and pay a separate fee for the vineyard and the winery.

Growers and winemakers are responsible for the cost of third-party certification required for the ‘Certified member’ category.

Telephone and email support from the AWRI team

Viticulture and winemaking experts can be contacted at the AWRI helpdesk by email helpdesk@awri.com.au or telephone 08 8313 6600. The AWRI is your industry-owned organisation supporting Australian grape and wine producers with the development and adoption of innovative tools and practices.