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The program from the 15th Australian Wine Technical Conference will only be available to levy payers and delegates of the 15th Australian Wine Industry Technical Conference.

All Australian wineries and grapegrowers who pay the levy will be able to access the video presentations by using their AWRI website user account. If you have not registered for an AWRI website account, please click here to register. If you need recover your existing details, please click here.

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  • Welcome
  • Formal opening
  • Session 1 The global scene: customers and consumers, challenges and competitors
  • Session 2 Trends and new opportunities in the global market
  • Session 3 Rein in the sugar and spur on the flavour
  • Session 4 Flavour masterclass
  • Session 5 Extracting full value
  • Session 6 Nurturing our natural assets
  • Session 7 Future grape growing in challenging climates
  • Session 8 Cool things coming over the horizon
  • Session 9 Future vineyards and wineries
  • Session 10 Creating value
  • Close

Presentations from the 14th Australian Wine Industry Technical Conference

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  • Session 1 Positioning for success
  • Session 2 Wine harmful or healthy? WHO is listening?
  • Session 3 Flavour, aroma and mouth-feel
  • Session 4 Cutting edge technology for targeted wine style
  • Colloquium 1 Innovation
  • Session 5 Practical and innovative viticulture
  • Session 6 Adapting to climate change and reduced water availability
  • Colloquium 2 The environment, water and sustainability
  • Colloquium 3 Fresh science picked, pressed and packaged
  • Session 7 Soil health, organics and biodynamics
  • Session 8 Message in a bottle