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Note. European Union Member Countries – Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom are all members of the European Union (EU). Member nations are obliged to abide by Directives on MRLs issued by the Council of the European Communities. If no EU MRL exists, a general default MRL of 0.01 mg/kg applies.

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The MRL values listed below apply to grapes, unless otherwise stated.


Product group: Fungicide
Registered products: 'Folicur 430 SC, Greenseal, Laguna Xtreme 800 WG, Orius 430 SC, Zolo 430 SC

Country MRL (mg/kg) Comments Updated Reviewed
Argentina 6


No Argentine MRL has been established. This is a Codex MRL which is acceptable, provided that the Argentine authorities do not consider there to be an unacceptable risk from the residue.
11/02/2014 05/07/2019
Australia 6   18/09/2009 03/07/2019
Brazil 2   03/11/2009 05/07/2019
Canada 5   27/04/2010 05/07/2019
Chile 2   09/03/2018 05/07/2019
China 2   28/02/2012 03/07/2019
Codex 6   23/05/2013 05/07/2019
European Union Member Countries 1   07/10/2009 05/07/2019
Fiji 6   16/02/2016 09/03/2018
Hong Kong 2   23/05/2013 05/07/2019

MRL Notes:

No MRL is established for tebuconazole, but an MRL of 6 mg/kg was proposed in 2017. The Codex MRL (6 mg/kg) may be recognised.
05/11/2014 05/07/2019
Indonesia 6   31/08/2015 05/07/2019
Israel 2   05/05/2010 05/07/2019
Japan 10   07/04/2010 04/07/2019
Korea (Republic of) 5   11/07/2018 05/07/2019
LCBO 0.1


The MRL applies to wine.
27/10/2009 05/07/2019
Malaysia 6


This is the Codex MRL as no Malaysian MRL has been established.
06/06/2013 11/07/2018
New Zealand 0.1


The MRL is a default value as no New Zealand MRL has been established. Under the Trans Tasman Mutual Recognition legislation the Australian MRL of 5 mg/kg will be recognised in New Zealand for imports from Australia.
09/04/2010 05/07/2019
Norway 1   01/11/2009 05/07/2019
Philippines 6


This is the Codex MRL, applicable when no MRL has been established.
13/10/2009 05/07/2019
Russia 2   12/05/2016 05/07/2019
Singapore 6


The MRL is the Codex MRL as no Singaporean MRL has been established.
06/06/2013 05/07/2019
South Africa 5   29/06/2016 09/03/2018
Switzerland 0.3


The MRL is for wine.
29/10/2009 09/03/2018
Taiwan 2   02/11/2009 05/07/2019
Thailand 6


This is the Codex MRL, applicable when no MRL has been established.
06/06/2013 05/07/2019
Turkey 1   09/03/2018 09/03/2018
United States of America 5   09/12/2009 05/07/2019
Vietnam 6   09/03/2018 05/07/2019

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