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Ready for bottling

23 November 2016

It’s now the week before bottling, and the wine has been cold for three weeks.

We’d done some trial blends to see if we could … more

Finishing touches

31 October 2016

It’s late October and the wine will be bottled in about four weeks. Time to get it out of oak, look at tweaking the blend, … more

Racking for the first time

23 June 2015

It’s time to rack the wine out of barrel for the first time.

And for the first time there is a tank available which is … more

A stencil and some paint

22 April 2015

In such a busy winery, with so many students, researchers and other winemaking groups doing their own thing, it is certainly in your own interest … more

Into the barrels

12 April 2015

By early evening it was finally time to put the wine into barrels. Working with barrels is a very satisfying thing for this winemaker.

The … more

Time to blend

Because there was no tank available which was large enough to blend all of our wine, the three tanks and two smaller containers had to … more

Barrel preparation

11 April 2015

It was time to get the wine into oak, with the malo having been completed very efficiently in tank. But the barrels were given a … more

Oak choices

23 March 2015

It’s easy to over-oak or inappropriately oak a wine – and we only have one chance with this wine. However, while it’s true that once … more

Winemaking details

17 March 2015

We’ve had some very positive feedback from people looking at this blog – thanks! In particular, we’ve been asked for more detail about the winemaking: … more