The Bev-ScanTM is a Visible-NIR spectral instrument which is able to analyse wine directly through the bottle. This provides enormous advantages over other instruments because wine can be analysed without opening the bottle. The BevScanTM can detect wine changes associated with oxidation, heat damage, variation in closure performance, gas loss or contamination. By combining Vis-NIR spectral information with in-built classification models, matrix differences in the wines can be rapidly identified, categorised and quantified, allowing unacceptable wines to be easily identified and segregated.

The BevScanTM Beverage Analyser was developed by Jeffress Engineering Pty Ltd, in conjunction with the AWRI and Camo Software. It allows rapid analysis of wine contained within standard finish wine bottles (in a range of sizes) using a specially developed light source, optical path and a custom Vis-NIR spectrophotometer with a wavelength range of 450-1050 nm. Light transmittance is maximised through correct positioning of the bottle using the vertical and horizontal locking levers.

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