Spectral fingerprinting


Spectral fingerprinting is a technique that can be used to capture the chemical nature of a wine in an objective and robust manner. It provides opportunities for a number of characteristics to be monitored and measured simultaneously, through application of simple, rapid spectral techniques. One of the success stories for spectral fingerprinting has been in the application of this approach to directly and objectively measure wine style.

The Pinot G Style Spectrum is a labelling tool developed by the AWRI which communicates the style of a Pinot Gris/Grigio wine, on a linear scale from 0 to 10, using the anchor words CRISP and LUSCIOUS. It allows consumers to avoid the confusion caused by the two names for the same variety and gain direct information on what style of wine to expect in the bottle at point of sale or before opening.

Pinot G Style Spectrum

Following the success of the PinotG Style Spectrum and many approaches from a broad sector of the Australian wine industry, the AWRI has proven the concept for applying a similar labelling device for Chardonnay wines.

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