Commercial Services

  1. Analytical services Analytical services
  2. Environmental strategy Environmental strategy
  3. Packaging solutions Packaging solutions
  4. Proof of performance Proof of performance
  1. Sensory services Sensory services
  2. Virus testing Virus testing
  3. Wine microbiology Wine microbiology

AWRI Commercial Services is the commercial arm of the AWRI and offers advanced analytical and consulting services to grape and wine producers and partner organisations.

A wide range of analyses are provided by NATA-accredited analytical laboratories, which perform more than 100,000 analyses per year and have served the industry since 1984.

AWRI Commercial Services also possesses a team of experienced process engineers and scientists able to build on the fundamental research being performed at the AWRI to develop customised commercial solutions. Services include process optimisation, proof of performance trials, environmental accounting and microbiological audits.

Net proceeds from AWRI Commercial Services are re-invested into research at the AWRI.


Customer Service Team

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