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Mango Parker

Position: Research Scientist

BSc (Chem) Flinders University, PhD University of South Australia

Email: [please enable JavaScript to view email address]
Phone: 08 8313 6600
Since: 7 January 2002

Employed by Southcorp for three years, including two years as a Corporate Graduate Scientist. During that time, worked at a number of wineries, but spent most time at Karadoc, developing automated analysis methods, as well as participating in other activities.


I am currently working on Project 3.1.3 - Flavour precursors: contribution to wine aroma, in-mouth sensory properties and flavour release, investigating the role of glycosides in flavour release in the mouth. Previously I worked on the smoke taint project,  which developed a diagnostic assay for assessing smoke affected grapes and wine, and also discovered the importance of a range of volatile phenols and their glycosides to the sensory attributes of smoke-affected wines. Before that I worked on white wine phenolics, tannin additions during winemaking and rotundone. 


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