eNews – December 2021

Best wishes for the festive season and vintage 2022

Vale Randell Taylor

Resources on wet weather conditions

Still seeking reductive white wines

AWRI decanted season … more

eNews – October 2021

Have you listened to AWRI decanted?

New resources on non-chemical control of vineyard weeds

Seeking reductive white wines

Calling on the grape and wine community … more

eNews – September 2021

Video tips for SO2

Mapping microbes in the winery

Sustainable Winegrowing Australia – membership is growing

AWRI events update


AWITC – program themes revealed… more

eNews – June 2021

Citizen science project empowers students to seek out new yeasts

Bushfire and smoke videos available

Brush up on your pruning skills

Sustainable Winegrowing Australia – … more

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