This is a summary of grant programs that are currently available to Australian grape and wine producers. Please consult the individual websites for full eligibility details and how to apply. If you are aware of other relevant grant programs or if you notice any errors, please email

Business typeStateProgramFunding forMax fundingBusiness contributionBusiness sizeEndsOfficial website
GrapegrowersAllManaging Farm RiskInsurance advice$2.5K1:1All15/05/2019Department of Agriculture
Grapegrowers & wineriesACTBusiness Energy and WaterEnergy and water audits + implementation bonus$5K1:1< $20K annual electricity spend or < 10 FTEOngoingACT Smart
Grapegrowers & wineriesAllBusiness GrowthImplement strategies from audits under prior relevant programs$20K1:1$750K - $100M annual turnoverOngoingDepartment of Industry
Grapegrowers & wineriesAllAccelerating CommercialisationCommercialising novel products, processes or services$1,000K1:1AllOngoingDepartment of Industry
Grapegrowers & wineriesAllInnovation ConnectionsIdentifying IT, tech, and R&D needs and placing researchers$50K1:2$750K - $100M annual turnoverOngoingDepartment of Industry
Grapegrowers & wineriesVICFuture Industries Manufacturing ProgramImproving manufacturing systems$500K3:1AllOngoingBusiness Victoria
Grapegrowers & wineriesAllExport Market DevelopmentExport and tourism promotion activities$150K1:1< $50M annual turnoverJul - Nov OngoingAustrade
Grapegrowers & wineriesVICEnergy AssessmentEnergy audits + implementation bonus$20K1:1> $20K annual energy spend28/09/2018Sustainability Victoria
Grapegrowers & wineriesAllR&D Tax IncentiveTax offsets for eligible R&D activities43.5% or 38.5% tax offsetsN/AAllOngoingAustralian Tax Office
Grapegrowers & wineriesNSWTechVouchersPartnering with a research organisation, technical support$15K1:1< $30M annual turnoverOngoingNSW Department of Industry
Grapegrowers & wineriesWAInnovation Vouchers ProgramR&D, product development, commercialisation$20K1:4< 200 FTEOngoing (opens in March)New Industries WA
Grapegrowers & wineriesSAInnovation Voucher ProgramPartnering with a research organisation$50K1:2< $200M annual turnoverOngoingSA Department of State Development
Grapegrowers & wineriesVICRegional Job FundJob creation, business expansion in regional VICVariousN/AAllOngoingRegional Development Victoria
Grapegrowers & wineriesVICFood Source VictoriaSupporting producers along the value chain to work together to
grow their businesses
Uncapped1:2All30/06/2019Agriculture Victoria
Grapegrowers & wineriesTASAdvanced Manufacturing Innovation and Growth VoucherImproving manufacturing systems$15K1:1< $20M annual turnover30/6/2020TAS Department of State Growth
WineriesSAResource Productivity AssessmentsResource productivity assessments (energy, water, inputs, waste, etc.)$10K1:1All30/11/2018Green Industries SA
WineriesSAExport Partnership ProgramExport market development$50 K1:1< $15M annual turnoverOngoing (next round tba)SA Department of State Development
WineriesAllWine Tourism and Cellar DoorRebates on cellar door sales$100KN/A> $1.207M annual rebatable wine salesOpens 1/07/2019Wine Australia
WineriesAllWine ExportWine export promotional activities$25K1:1< $20M annual turnover1/05/2020Wine Australia
WineriesSAFood and Beverage ImplementationInstallations to reduce wastewater volume/load$300K1:1Trade waste Must pay trade waste fees31/08/2018Green Industries SA

Last updated: 7/5/2018