Research, development and extension projects

Projects Project Contacts Status
Extension and adoption projects
1.1.1 Collecting and disseminating information on agrochemicals Marcel Essling Active
1.2.1 Improving viticulture and oenology practice through extension and communication Matt Holdstock, Ella Robinson  Active
1.3.1 Helpdesk Geoff Cowey Active
1.4.1 Library and information services Linda Bevin Active
Insight projects
2.1.1 Volatile compound insights: flavour attributes of current and future commercial significance to growers and winemakers Josh Hixon Active
2.2.1 Genetic diversity of Australian wine grapevine germplasm Anthony Borneman Active
2.3.1 Fermentation management through optimal microbial consortia Simon Schmidt Active
2.4.1 Addressing production challenges through the management of wine non-volatiles Keren Bindon Active
2.5.1 Wine components and interactions influencing the in-mouth sensory properties of Australian wine Keren Bindon Active
2.6.1 Transformative microbiological inputs for innovative winemaking Anthony Borneman Active
Impact projects
3.1.1 Co-innovation design process – No and low alcohol wine production Wes Pearson Active
3.2.1 Co-innovation design process – Sustainability Marlize Bekker Active
3.3.1 Co-innovation design process – Wine production and quality Keren Bindon Active
Other projects
4.1.1 Digital tools (incorporating online helpdesk database) Linda Bevin, Geoff Cowey Active
4.1.2 ShowRunner Con Simos, Francesca Blefari Active
4.2.1 Sustainable Winegrowing Australia Mardi Longbottom Active
4.3.1 Wine education Francesca Blefari Active
4.4.1 WIC Winemaking John Gledhill Active
5.1.1 Corporate Services/Efficient administration Chris Day Active
5.2.1 Metabolomics Natoiya Lloyd Active
5.2.2 Research Services Markus Herderich Active
5.2.3 Culture Collection Angus Forgan Active
5.3.1 Market access Eric Wilkes, Markus Herderich Active
5.4.1 Agrochemical resistance Anthony Borneman Active
5.5.1 Autonomous weed control Simon Nordestgaard Active
5.6.1 New antimicrobial additive Simon Schmidt Active
5.7.1 Citizen science – yeast catcher Anthony Borneman Active

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