Research & Development

  1. Research, Development & Extension Plan Research, Development & Extension Plan
  2. RD&E Plan – Projects RD&E Plan – Projects
  3. Metabolomics SA Metabolomics SA
  4. South Australian Genomics Centre (SAGC) South Australian Genomics Centre (SAGC)
  5. Wine microorganism culture collection Wine microorganism culture collection

Research at the AWRI aims to improve wine production in the face of changing environmental, economical and societal conditions. Key outcomes are developed and packaged where possible to maximise widespread adoption by producers. The AWRI’s aim is for grape and wine producers to more readily uptake new technologies so that greater quality and sustainability is delivered for their business, the environment and their customers. Wine quality is the focus: the AWRI’s concentrates on establishing and measuring the identity and relevance of key individual aroma, mouth-feel and colour compounds. This robust knowledge is then combined with research into the formation and fate of important wine sensory compounds. The AWRI’s program also fast-tracks the development of optimised and robust yeast strains, and other systematic and innovative improvements to viticultural and winemaking practices, in a targeted approach.

Key development goals are to:

  • adapt innovative, profitable, sustainable and flexible production techniques to allow winemakers to meet planned style and wine quality specifications;
  • accelerate the speed with which producers can respond to changing consumer preferences, market opportunities and requirements; and
  • safeguard the Australian grape and wine sector through further strengthening its ability to meet the high quality, integrity and authenticity standards required to gain and maintain access to international markets