Metabolomics SA

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The AWRI houses and operates the South Australian node for Metabolomics Australia. Metabolomics Australia is a nationwide, Australian Government-funded initiative established to enable the development of, and access to, state-of-the-art metabolomics analysis, through investment in sophisticated infrastructure, method development and data analysis tools.

Metabolomics SA specialises in the analysis of trace metabolites and secondary metabolites, including volatiles, biomarkers and chemical quality markers and offers a variety of research services including:

  • Experimental design
  • Analytical method development and validation
  • Targeted quantitative analysis of known compounds
  • Non-targeted profiling of complex samples
  • Data analysis, univariate and multivariate statistics and result visualisation
  • Development of and training in bioinformatics tools

What is metabolomics?

The term metabolomics refers to the comprehensive analysis (qualitative and quantitative) of the complete set of all low molecular weight metabolites, the metabolome, that exist within a biological system such as grape juice or wine. The metabolome consists of hundreds to thousands of metabolites, and includes a diverse array of different types of molecules with widely varied chemical and physical properties. Metabolomics gives scientists the ability to look at things from a ‘global’ perspective; to see the bigger picture of what happens in metabolic processes such as alcoholic fermentation.

Where, when and how?

The role of the Metabolomics SA is to support local and national researchers and industries, through the development and provision of metabolomic analysis. Metabolomics SA offers a wide range of metabolomic analyses, from general fingerprinting approaches to fully targeted metabolite analysis. The facility focuses on providing strong local support and building expertise in microbial metabolomics.  Metabolomics SA is housed by the AWRI, within the Wine Innovation Cluster at the Waite Research Precinct. All interested parties are encouraged to contact Metabolomics SA for more information on metabolomics and the services offered.