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Previous webinars

Presentation title Speaker Date Recording Resources
Struck match aroma – the chemistry and the winery experience – click for more Dr Tracey Siebert (AWRI)

30 May

Data to help producers manage new EU labelling requirements – click for more Dr Eric Wilkes (AWRI)

13 December

Vineyard waste: disposal options for treated timber posts and drip line (more) Mark Gishen (SAWIA), Alex Sas (Wine Australia), Uma Preston (Sustaining Endeavour) and Dr Penelope Mitchell (University of the Sunshine Coast)

7 December

Subsurface irrigation to reduce weed management costs and chemical use, and improve irrigation efficiency (more) Dr Mark Krasnow (Thoughtful Viticulture Ltd) and Justin Jarrett (See Saw Wines)

30 November

Seasonal outlook for the 2023/24 summer and update on major agricultural projects (more) Dr Jannatun Nahar and Jamieson Lowe (Bureau of Meteorology)

23 November

The use of non-Saccharomyces yeast in winemaking(more)
Dr Anthony Borneman (AWRI)

16 November

Update on the National Grapevine Collection (more) Nick Dry (Foundation Viticulture)

19 October

Exploiting flavour precursors for improved white wine flavour(more) Dr Josh Hixson (AWRI)

28 September

Additional resources
Understanding Brettanomyces and its adaptation to control measures (more)

Dr Anthony Borneman (AWRI)

21 September

Nitrogen use efficiency in vineyards (more)
Dr Michael Treeby

7 September

Greenhouse gas emissions and more – digging about in Sustainable Winegrowing Australia data (more)

Dr Mardi Longbottom and Liz Pitcher (AWRI)

31 August

Using cover crops and landscape features to deliver benefits for wine-grape growers (more) Prof. Geoff Gurr and Dr Jian Liu (Charles Sturt University)

24 August

Additional resources
Special webinar: Techniques for vineyard resting (more)

This webinar was supported by the Wine Grape Council of South Australia, through funding from the Australian Government’s Future Drought Fund and the Government of South Australia.

Paul Petrie (SARDI-PIRSA)

18 August

Additional resources
Soil health, carbon and undervine management in a dry climate (more) Dr Thomas Lines (University of Adelaide), Prof Tom Cavagnaro (Flinders University), Dr Mardi Longbottom (AWRI) and Dr Joseph Marks (University of Adelaide)

10 August

Additional resources
Overview of the 2023 National Vintage Report (more) Sandy Hathaway (Wine Australia)

3 August

Additional resources
Malolactic fermentation – opportunities and limitations (more) Dr Peter Costello (AWRI)

20 July

Practical steps to counter fungicide resistance (more) Barbara Hall & Liz Riley (Vitibit Pty Ltd)

13 July

2022-2023 webinars

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