Title: Effective spray application

Theme: Viticulture

Date: Thursday, 28 September 2017

Time: 11.30 am Australian Central Standard Time (Adelaide, GMT+9:30)

Duration: 30 minutes

Speaker: Alison MacGregor – Agronomy services, viticulture and horticulture Independent consultant


Without clear methods to quantify dose or distribution of spray deposits, most growers rely on estimating a best-bet equipment set-up, and then measure success according to subsequent presence or absence of disease. To avoid disease, particularly in a high pressure season, growers need to be more certain of deposition at the time of spraying. This webinar will focus on how, where and when deposits can be monitored, how to interpret patterns of deposition, and aspects of sprayer set-up that can be checked and adjusted to improve deposition and deliver an effective dose to the target.

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