Next AWRI webinar – Extending the shelf life of canned wines

Date: Thursday, 7 October 2021
Time: 11.30 am Australian Central Daylight Time (Adelaide, GMT+10:30)

Summary: Canned wine is the fastest growing segment in global wine consumption, due to value for money, attractiveness of packaging, convenience, sustainability and millennial appeal. However, many wines packaged in cans are susceptible to the formation of ‘reductive’ characters, specifically hydrogen sulfide (‘rotten egg’ aroma), within three to six months of packaging. This has the potential to significantly damage consumer confidence and brand integrity of Australian wine packaged in this format. A better understanding of the chemical pathways involved in the development of ‘reductive’ compounds has allowed viable mitigation strategies to be employed that can help to extend the shelf life of commercial canned wines.

Presenter: Neil Scrimgeour (AWRI)

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