The day of bottling has finally arrived

It was an early start in the Barossa, but Ray Todd was already there, and everything was ready to go. In Ray’s capable hands Thanks to Corey Ryan at Sons of Eden, for the loan of a perfectly sized tank at the weekend. And the copper solution I’d taken up

Ready for bottling

It’s now the week before bottling, and the wine has been cold for three weeks. We’d done some trial blends to see if we could tweak the wine in any way. The wine on its own was very solid, and very Barossan. The only thing we tried which gave it

Finishing touches

It’s late October and the wine will be bottled in about four weeks. Time to get it out of oak, look at tweaking the blend, and do some cold stabilisation. Barrels with tanks in background. Racking tube in barrel Wine in tube Full tanks ready for cool room It’s also

Racking for the first time

It’s time to rack the wine out of barrel for the first time. And for the first time there is a tank available which is big enough to blend everything together. Just big enough!! The wine looked fabulous – great colour after a 30ppm SO2 addition. We were very happy