Winemaking yeast and bacterial strains

Winemaking yeast and bacterial strains:

Various AWRI yeast strains are available for Australian winemakers. For winemaking characteristics of these yeast strains, click on the strain name

Yeast Strain
Saccharomyces bayanus AWRI 1176
AWRI 1375
Saccharomyces cerevisiae
AWRI 350*
AWRI 729
AWRI 796*
AWRI 835
AWRI 1017 (R2)*
AWRI 1081 (Y92E)
Saccharomyces hybrids AWRI 1501
AWRI 1505
non-Saccharomyces AWRI 861
AWRI 863
AWRI 1034 (R21)

* these yeast strains are also available as active dried yeast through Mauri Yeast Australia

Distribution of cultures, cost per strain

  • Australian grape and wine levy payers – $50.00
  • Non-levy payers – $90.00
  • Australian teaching institutions – $50.00
  • Outside of Australia – $90.00

All fees are in Australian Dollars (AUD), and exclude GST, and postage/courier costs.

A Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) will be provided for all strains prior to distribution. Terms and Conditions apply.

Microbial strains available to the Australian wine industry

Included in the AWMCC are winery isolates, reference strains and research strains. Most yeast and bacterial strains in the collection will be provided on request to Australian wineries.

Research and teaching institutions wanting to request research strains, should visit the Research Culture Collection page.

Non-Australian wineries wishing to trial AWRI yeast strains should enquire about costs, and terms and conditions (click here to make an enquiry).

Experimental strains for winemaking:

Through AWRI research, numerous yeast strains have been developed for winemaking of which many are available for trialling in the winery. Examples of experimental yeast strains include, hybrid Saccharomyces strains, non-Saccharomyces strains and specifically developed (non-GMO) strains with interesting winemaking features (e.g. low H2S production, high fruity ester production).

Strains for sherry, flor or apera style winemaking:

The AWMCC has numerous flor yeast strains suitable for sherry production. AWRI 81 (J7) was originally isolated by the late John Fornachon in the 1940s and is used extensively throughout Australia for the production of dry fortified wine with flor character. J7, other J-series flor strains from the same period and more recent isolates are available. A starter culture propagation protocol for flor production can be provided.

Strains for vinegar production:

The AWMCC has numerous acetic acid bacteria (including Acetobacter, Gluconobacter and Gluconacetobacter) species and strains available that can be used for vinegar production. Further information on vinegar production and strain propagation is available on request.

Reference strains for quality assurance:

The AWMCC can provide reference strains for quality assurance testing in the wine laboratory. Strains for all wine-associated yeast and bacterial species are available.

The AWMCC is managed by Angus Forgan and Simon Dillon. For further information contact or 08 8313 6600.


Bartowsky, E. (2008) The AWRI wine microorganism culture collection: a treasure trove of yeast and bacteria strains for the future. Aust. NZ Grapegrower Winemaker 537: 101-103 (click here to view abstract or order a copy of the article).

Copies of AWRI and Technical Review publications can be obtained from the AWRI Library.