Advanced Viticulture Course

The AWRI is presenting an intensive four-day course on the latest techniques and technologies in viticulture. Participants will travel in a small group across a number of SA regions to visit sites and meet practitioners who are at the cutting-edge of Australian viticulture.

The course is aimed at practising viticulturists with an interest in innovation and is limited to a maximum of 20 participants to ensure an intensive and interactive learning experience.

Topics covered include:

  • Propagation material now and for the future
  • Improving soils to maximise wine-grape production
  • Climate change and its effect on a vineyard – overcoming new challenges in an old vineyard
  • Solar-powered irrigation pumps
  • Using rootstocks to save water
  • Using sensors and software to maximise water use efficiency
  • Alternative varieties for warm climates
  • Biological controls – good bugs for bad bugs
  • Vineyard technology to improve efficiency
  • Developing vineyard ecology to reduce pesticide use
  • Terroir – putting the science behind the story
  • Soil pits – what do they really tell us about vines and wines?

2022 Course Dates

Two Advanced Viticulture courses will be held in October 2022, the dates are:

AVC 3: Monday 17 – Thursday 20 October 2022
AVC 4: Monday 24 – Thursday 27th October 2022


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Course Fees

$2900 per person including GST.

Course fee includes all accommodation, meals and transport. This includes a night’s accommodation in Adelaide before the course.

Contact details

AWRI Events Team
Phone: (08) 8313 6600