Events calendar

9 July 2020
Webinar - How does dissolved carbon dioxide affect the taste and texture of still white and red wine?

16 July 2020
Webinar - The ins and outs of under-vine cover cropping

22 July 2020
AWRI Chardonnay Winemaking Trial Tasting - Stanthorpe
Queensland College of Wine Tourism, Stanthorpe QLD

23 July 2020
Webinar - Tackling smoke taint head on: winery remediation options for smoke-affected juice and wine

30 July 2020
Webinar - Glutathione: what is it and why is it in my wine?

6 August 2020
Webinar - Sustainable Winegrowing Australia update

20 August 2020
Webinar - Autonomous tractors and other innovations from SITEVI

The AWRI’s face-to-face events are currently on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Webinars and other virtual platforms will be used to ensure relevant content can continue to be presented to grapegrowers and winemakers.