Events calendar

29 September 2020
Webinar - Managing frost

1 October 2020
Webinar - Water addition to must: when to use it and how much?

15 October 2020
Webinar - Provenance of Pinot Noir – drivers of regionality

2 November 2020
AWRI Chardonnay Winemaking Trial Tasting - Great Southern
Centennial Stadium, Albany WA

12 November 2020
Webinar - The origin of Chardonnay clones with historical significance in Australia and California

26 November 2020
Webinar - Climate outlooks

3 December 2020
Webinar - Measuring Baume and Brix and understanding their relationship with final alcohol concentration

28 January 2021
Webinar - Quantitative methods for Botrytis grey mould detection and estimation in grapes

The AWRI’s face-to-face events are currently on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Webinars and other virtual platforms will be used to ensure relevant content can continue to be presented to grapegrowers and winemakers.