Victorian node

The AWRI Victorian node delivers high quality extension and practice change services to wine-grape growers and wineries in Victoria through a partnership between Wine Victoria (WV), Murray Valley Winegrowers (MVW), Wine Australia, Australian Vignerons (AV) and the AWRI. The project activities are overseen by a Victorian Winegrowers Liaison Committee, which agrees on an annual workplan of activities under Agriculture Victoria funding and Wine Australia Regional Program funding.

In November 2014, AV, WV, MVW, Wine Australia and the AWRI signed a three-year Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) agreeing to collaborate in the identification, establishment and management of extension and adoption activities likely to have a beneficial effect on the Victorian grape and wine sector and to propose how those activities will be managed and funded. The term of this agreement ended in December 2017 and negotiations are currently underway to secure funding for a continuation of the Victorian node.

The establishment of the AWRI node in Victoria has allowed the delivery of key technical events including:

  • Sparkling Symposium 2018
  • Victorian Regional Focus Workshops 2017
  • Consumer and Market Insights Symposium 2015
  • Shiraz Symposium 2014
  • 2013 Vintage 2030 and Beyond Symposium 2013
  • Smoke Taint Symposium 2012
  • more than 35 additional regional workshops/seminars (over and above the AWRI/GWRDC roadshow events held in Victoria) on topics such as soil health, sustainable pest control, spray application, Shiraz benchmarking, yield estimation, phylloxera, rootstocks, vine nutrition, Pinot Noir, pepper and eucalyptus aromas in wine, winery refrigeration and cost of production benchmarking, precision viticulture, managing trunk diseases, smoke taint updates, sustainable low input viticulture and cost of production.

Having access to local expertise has also allowed the AWRI to provide expert assistance on grape and wine production issues. The AWRI Victorian node attends to over 500 calls for assistance annually on a range of technical/business issues.

Listed below are links to the annual Symposia run in Melbourne on a range of technical issues identified in consultation with the Greater Victorian wine producers via Wine Victoria. The links include downloadable versions of the presentations given at each of these Symposia.

Victorian Node events

For further information about the Victorian Node, contact Mark Krstic.