Shiraz Symposium June 2014

The future of cooler climate Shiraz wines

Held on Wednesday 11 June 2014 – The William Angliss Institute

Click here to download the Shiraz Symposium Program. Presentations from the event are listed below.

Presentation Presenter
International Shiraz production and performance Peter Dry
Exploring the clonal diversity in Shiraz Nick Dry
Benchmarking Shiraz production in Victoria – lessons learnt Dr Erika Winter (GrapeLinks)
Understanding Shiraz berry shrivel and links to berry quality Dr Sigfredo Fuentes (UoM)
Understanding how Shiraz regulates flavonoid production in berries Dr Simon Robinson (CSIRO)
Shiraz production at Jasper Hill – Heathcote Ron Laughton (Jasper Hill)
Shiraz production at Paringa Estate – Mornington Peninsula Lindsay McCall (Paringa Estate)
Capturing the pepper character in Shiraz Dr Leigh Francis (AWRI)
Managing the eucalyptus character in Shiraz Dr Dimitra Capone (AWRI)
Shiraz winemaking insights and Bests & Shaw + Smith Adam Wadewitz (Shaw + Smith)
Shiraz winemaking insights at Salo Dave McIntosh