Cooler Climate Chardonnay Symposium – June 2016

The Cooler Climate Chardonnay Symposium, held on Thursday 16 June in Healesville, showcased the latest on high quality cooler climate Chardonnay production from the paddock to the palate. The event featured a wide range of high quality speakers led by MC for the day Philip Rich (Vino da Tavola/The Lucas Group and writer for the AFR). Speakers included Peter Bailey (Wine Australia), Dr Mark Krstic (AWRI), Nick Dry (Yalumba Nursery), Ray Guerin (local Yarra viticulturist ex Shaw and Smith), Colin Bell (AHA Viticulture in Western Australia), Dr Michael McCarthy (SARDI), Dr Leigh Francis (AWRI), Steve Flamsteed (Giant Steps Wines) and Glen Goodall (Xanadu Wines Western Australia).

The event included two tastings:

  1. a tasting of ten Chardonnay clones from the ‘Clones for climate change’ project funded by Wine Australia, and
  2. a range of high quality cooler climate Chardonnays from across Australia and the rest of the world.

The event was attended by 76 wine producers, mainly from Victoria and some from New South Wales.

The workshop program can be downloaded here.

Presentations from the workshop are listed below:

Presentation Presenter
Welcome and setting the Chardonnay scene Phillip Rich, Vino da Tavola
Chardonnay performance in our markets Peter Bailey, Wine Australia
International Chardonnay production and performance Dr Peter Dry and Dr Mark Krstic, AWRI
Exploring the clonal diversity in Chardonnay Nick Dry, Yalumba Nursery
Practical insights into growing high quality Chardonnay in cooler climates in South Eastern Australia Ray Guerin, Shaw + Smith
Practical insights into growing high quality Chardonnay in cooler climates in Western Australia Colin Bell, AHA Viticulture
Chardonnay clonal tasting Dr Michael McCarthy, SARDI
Insights into flavour and aroma compounds in Chardonnay Dr Leigh Francis, AWRI
Chardonnay winemaking insights in Yarra Valley Steve Flamsteed, Giant Steps
Chardonnay winemaking insights in Margaret River Glen Goodall, Xanadu Wines
Chardonnay wine list