Vintage 2030 and beyond – Producing quality wines in warmer times

The AWRI and Wine Victoria were proud to host the ‘Vintage 2030 and beyond – producing quality wines in warmer times’ Symposium on Wednesday, 19 June 2013 in Melbourne (at the Elisabeth Murdoch Lecture Theatre at The University of Melbourne). This symposium brought together Australia’s best presenters and latest thinking on climate projections for key wine producing regions across Australia, and looked at novel ways the wine industry are adapting to these challenges both now and into the future. Presenters included Professor Will Steffen (ANU/Climate Commission), Dr Penny Whetton (CSIRO), Dr Peter Hayman (SARDI), Dr Victor Sadras (SARDI), Robert Paul (Vintager Winemaking Services), Dr Michael McCarthy (SARDI), Andrew Weeks (CCW – absent on day – presentation delivered by Dr Mark Krstic), Dr Paul Petrie (TWE), Roland Wahlquist (Brown Brothers), Darren Rathbone (Rathbone Wine Group), Dr George Mihaly (Paradigm Hill) and Dr Richard Smart (Smart Viticulture).

The day was attended by approximately 90 people, mostly from the Victorian wine sector. Please find listed below a copy of the presentations that have been made publicly available for download. Please note that some presenters have modified their presentations due to the pending release of peer-reviewed scientific papers and reports to funding bodies.

Vintage 2030 and beyond program

Presentation Presenter
Global carbon story – what does it mean for us? Professor Will Steffen (ANU)
Climate predictions for key wine growing regions in 2030 and beyond Dr Penny Whetton (CSIRO)
Tipping points – how long can you buffer against a need to move? Dr Peter Hayman (SARDI)
Impacts of elevated temperature on wine production and quality Dr Victor Sadras (SARDI)
What may this mean for production of premium wine styles Robert Paul (Vintager Winemaking Services)
Managing vines during heatwaves to maintain quality Dr Michael McCarthy (SARDI)
The use of particle film technology to mitigate heat events Andrew Weeks (CCW)
Manipulating phenology via delayed pruning Dr Paul Petrie (TWE)
Planning for the future – business adaptation Roland Wahlquist (Brown Brothers Vineyards Milawa)
Benchmarking Mornington Peninsular Pinot noir vineyards Dr George Mihaly (Paradigm Hill)
Opportunities for the Australian Wine Sector in 2030, and beyond Richard Smart (Smart Viticulture)