Wine Consumer and Market Insights Symposium June 2015

The Consumer and Market Insights Symposium was held on Thursday 18 June held at the University of Melbourne, Parkville Campus in the Malaysian Theatre between 10am-4pm. This Symposium highlighted some of the current R&D being conducted in the Wine Australia program 2.1 Consumer insights program on China market insights and understanding how to communicate with Chinese wine consumers, with presentations from Dr Leigh Francis (AWRI), Patricia Williamson (AWRI) and Dr Armando Corsi (UniSA). Wine Australia also reported on Australia’s current export market performance, and intelligence and give some practical insights on markets, with a presentation from Mark Rowley (Wine Australia). The session concluded with insights into the distribution market within Australia and an overview of the challenges and opportunities that exist both within Victoria and nationally from Alan Nelson (Wholesale Wine Services) and James Ormond (WV/WFA Board Member and Ormond and Co. Lawyers).

The workshop program can be downloaded here.

Presentations from the workshop are listed below:

Presentation Presenter
How to effectively describe your wines to Chinese consumers: The Chinese Lexicon Project Dr Armando Corsi, USA
Insights on how Chinese consumers choose wine and the influence of tasting on consumer preferences Patricia Williamson, AWRI
Linking Pinot Noir canopy condition with wine quality Dr Leigh Francis, AWRI
China Wine Barometer (CWB): a look into the future Dr Armando Corsi, USA
Insights into key Australian and emerging export wine markets Mark Rowley, Wine Australia
Insights and opportunities in distribution Alan Nelson, Wholesale Wine Services
Summarising the opportunities for the Australian and Victorian wine sector James Ormond, WV/WFA Board Member and Ormond and Co. Lawyers