Perfecting Pinot Noir Workshop – June 2015

The Perfecting Pinot Noir workshop, held on 17 June 2015 at Epicurean in Red Hill, aimed to bring together the latest Pinot Noir research from Tasmania and New Zealand and present it in a practical and innovative manner. In collaboration with the Mornington Peninsula Vignerons Association (MPVA) an event was held on the 17 June. The full day workshop focussed on bringing in some presenters from Tasmania (Joanna Jones, Angela Sparrow and Bob Dambergs [down from Riverland]) and a presenter from NZ working in new and novel area of Pinot Noir production (Dr Amber Parker [NZ Plant and Food] looking at modification of leaf area post flowering to shift veraison dates). The workshop included four local Pinot Noir gurus (Lindsay McCall, Geraldine McFaul, Sandro Mosele and Richard McIntyre) and Jeremy Maygar from Ten Minutes by Tractor to bring it all together. This workshop was attended by 63 participants.

The workshop program can be downloaded here.

Presentations from the workshop are listed below:

Presentation Presenter
Welcome and introduction Dr Mark Krstic, AWRI
Achieving target yields in cool climate Pinot Noir: pruning, bud fruitfulness and Dr Joanna Jones, UTAS
Linking Pinot Noir canopy condition with wine quality Dr Joanna Jones, UTAS
Modifying leaf area to fruit ratio’s and effects on Pinot Noir phenology and quality
Dr Amber Parker, Lincoln University NZ
Practical solutions for monitoring Pinot noir grape and wine phenolics Dr Joanna Jones, UTAS
Linking Pinot Noir canopy condition with wine quality Dr Bob Dambergs, UTAS
Winemaking style and Pinot Noir phenolics Dr Bob Dambergs, UTAS
ACE maceration: An innovative processing technique to improve the ageing Dr Angela Sparrow, UTAS
Transfusion and lees stirring trials in Mornington Peninsula Jeremy Magyar, Ten Minutes by Tractor
Pinot Noir winemaking in the Peninsula: practical case studies Lindsay McCall, Paringa Estate and Sandro Mosele, Port Phillip Estate/Kooyong
Practical case study – Willow Creek Vineyard Geraldine McFaul, Willow Creek Vineyard
What factors contribute to quality in Pinot noir? Reflections on 28 years of wine making at Moorooduc Estate Dr Richard McIntyre, Moorooduc Estate
Pinot Noir benchmark tasting