Pinot Noir Symposium 2019

A Pinot Noir Symposium was held at Marnong Estate, Mickleham on Thursday, 4 July 2019. The full-day symposium covered the latest research and technology relevant to Pinot Noir growers and producers as well as marketing information. The symposium concluded with a masterclass of Pinot Noir wines and an industry panel discussion.

Presentations from the event are listed below. Where a presentation is not available to download, please contact the AWRI Events Team to receive a copy.

Welcome and setting the scene Dr Mark Krstic (AWRI)
Overview of Australian Pinot Noir sales performance Peter Bailey (Wine Australia)
Insights into the performance of Pinot Noir clones – own rooted and when grafted to rootstocks Nick Dry (Yalumba Nursery)
The challenge of finding the right sites in a changing climate Dr Dave Jordan (Vine to Wine to Market Ltd)
Managing vine balance and optimising yield Brett McClen (Brown’s Family Wine Group)
Pinot Noir provenance Dr Fiona Kerslake/Dr Rocco Longo (UTAS)
The tannin story – how do we get near Burgundy? Dr Bob Dambergs (AWRI)
Trends in modern Australian Pinot Noir winemaking Mark O’Callaghan (Wine Network Consulting)
Insights into Pinot winemaking at Hoddles Creek Franco D’Anna (Hoddles Creek)
Insights into Pinot winemaking at Montalto Simon Black (Montalto)
Insights into Pinot winemaking at Stargazer (no PowerPoint slides uploaded – pictures only) Samantha Connew (Stargazer)
Pinot masterclass tasting and general discussion Panel – Mark O’Callaghan (Chair), Franco D’Anna, Simon Black and Samantha Connew