Sparkling Symposium June 2018

Sparkling Symposium 2018

Held on 26 June 2018 – The William Angliss Institute

Recordings of this event are available via the links below.

Presentations from the event are listed below. Where a presentation is not available to download, please contact the AWRI Events Team to receive a copy.

Presentation Presenter
Welcome and setting the scene Dr Mark Krstic (AWRI)
Overview of the sparkling wine market in Australia Peter Bailey (Wine Australia)
Identifying the chemical and sensory drivers of consumer preference for Australian sparkling wine Dr Julie Culbert (AWRI) and Dr Kerry Wilkinson (University of Adelaide)
Novel sparkling winemaking technologies and visualising yeast autolysis Gail Gnoinski (Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture)
Managing vines to influence critical chemistry profiles in sparkling wines Dr Fiona Kerslake (Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture)
Foaming and bubble parameters of sparkling wine by an automated pourer Dr Sigfredo Fuentes (University of Melbourne)
The effects of amino acid and proteins on foaming and bubbles in sparkling wine Bruna Lima (University of Melbourne)
Next generation riddling troubleshooting Simon Kinley (Lallemand)
MLF choices in sparkling wine production Jason Amos (Lallemand)
Site selection for premium sparkling wine in Tasmania Dr Andrew Pirie (Apogee Tasmania)
Masterclass tasting and discussion Chris Smales, Dan Buckle and Dr Andrew Pirie