Smoke Taint Symposium 2012

The 2012 Smoke Taint Symposium (agenda) held on Wednesday, 20 June in Melbourne at the Mercure Melbourne Treasury Gardens with 13 presentations on the day from 12 different presenters, including presenters from Western Australia (David Kelly, Curtin University and Glynn Ward, Department of Agriculture and Food Western Australia), South Australia (Kerry Wilkinson and Renata Ristic, University of Adelaide and Markus Herderich, Christine Mayr and Con Simos from The Australian Wine Research Institute) and Tasmania (David Sanderson, Wine Industry Tasmania/Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture).

The day was attended by approximately 100 people mostly from the wine sector, but also with representatives from the media and the Department of Sustainability and Environment. Please find listed below a copy of the presentations that have been made publicly available for download. Please note that some presenters have been unable to include their presentations due to the pending release of peer-reviewed scientific papers.

Presentation Presenter
The Centre of Expertise in Smoke Taint Research – aims and outcomes Dr Mark Downey
Understanding how smoke compounds make it into the fruit and wine Dr Nicole Cain
Impact of smoke exposure on different grape varieties Dr Renata Ristic
Development of smoke taint risk management tools for use by vignerons and land managers to reduce the impact of controlled burns on grapes and wine Glynn Ward
Understanding the chemical and sensorial basis of bushfire smoke flavour in affected wines Dr Christine Mayr
Introducing David Sanderson
Improving communication between public land managers and wine industry – a case study Maryanne Martin
Novel methods for the amelioration of smoke tainted wine Dr Kerry Wilkinson