Oak choices

It’s easy to over-oak or inappropriately oak a wine – and we only have one chance with this wine. However, while it’s true that once the oak is in the wine you can’t take it out, by being too cautious we also risk a mediocre result. So we want to

Winemaking details

We’ve had some very positive feedback from people looking at this blog – thanks! In particular, we’ve been asked for more detail about the winemaking: so here goes. All the fruit was de-stemmed and crushed, but with all the batches, especially those with the smallest berries (Marananga and Greenock), there

An exciting day - time for pressing!

It’s really the first time you get to see what you’ve got, when you press the wine off the skins; and it’s also too late to do anything about it if it’s not what you wanted or expected - if you’ve under, or over-worked your ferments. [Emptying one of the

A busy few days in the winery

Saturday 21 February - one of the Potters being pumped over. Plunging the opens. Not bad for day two!! Sunday 22 February - the two Potters were racked and returned together – with plenty of oxygen! The Ebenezer, Kaesler, Krondorf and Dutschke blend during the rack and return. Delicious!! Tuesday