2017-2025 RDE Plan Projects

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AWRI Research, Development and Extension Plan 2017-2025

Projects Project Contacts Status
Theme 1: Customers, consumers and markets
1.1 Improving understanding of customers and consumers 1.1.1 Increasing efficiency and speed of sensory methodology Leigh Francis Active in 3.1.1
1.2 Informing stakeholders about health and safety aspects of wine 1.2.1 Informing government, producers and consumers about health and safety aspects of wine N/A  Inactive
1.3 Supporting market access, safety and regulation 1.3.1 Supporting market access, safety and regulation Eric Wilkes, Markus Herderich Active
1.4 Enhancing and protecting the reputation of Australian wine 1.4.1 Enhancing the reputation of Australian wine through market promotion activities Con Simos Active
1.5 Supporting best practice agrochemical use in Australian viticulture 1.5.1 Collecting and disseminating information on agrochemicals Marcel Essling Active
1.6 Preserving quality and integrity 1.6.1 Understanding, modelling and managing temperature impacts during wine transportation Simon Nordestgaard, Eric Wilkes Inactive
Theme 2: Extension, adoption and education
2.1 Facilitating awareness and adoption of research outcomes 2.1.1 Improving viticulture and oenology practice through extension Con Simos, Matt Holdstock Active
2.1.2 Communication and awareness-raising activities Ella Robinson Active
2.1.3 Development of digital extension tools and software Linda Bevin Active
2.1.4 Regional engagement – the AWRI Victorian node Mark Krstic Active
2.2 Supporting stakeholder technical needs 2.2.1 AWRI helpdesk Con Simos, Geoff Cowey Active
2.2.2 Library services Linda Bevin Active
2.2.3 Regional Program Mark Krstic Active
2.2.4 Emergency response capability Con Simos, Adrian Coulter On hold
Theme 3: Performance, products and processes
3.1 Improving products, processes and packaging 3.1.1 Identification and control of volatile compounds responsible for important sensory attributes  Leigh Francis Active
3.1.2 Using glycosides and other flavour precursors for improved wine flavour Josh Hixson, Mango Parker Active
3.1.3 Molecular drivers of wine texture and taste Richard Gawel, Keren Bindon Active
3.1.4 Managing wine extraction, retention, clarity and stability for defined styles and efficient production Keren Bindon Active
3.1.5 Influencing wine style and efficiency through management of oxygen during wine production Simon Schmidt Active
3.1.6 Winemaking interventions to modulate glutathione status Simon Schmidt Active
3.1.7 Independent trials or novel equipment and additives to facilitate informed adoption Simon Nordestgaard Active in 2.2.1
3.1.10 Low- and no-alcohol wine products – understanding technical and sensory-related challenges and opportunities Leigh Francis, Wes Pearson Active
3.2 Understanding fermentation for uniqueness and improved performance 3.2.1 Putting microbial diversity to work in shaping wine style Simon Schmidt, Anthony Borneman Active
3.2.2 The relationship between grape juice composition and the progress of alcoholic and malolactic fermentation Simon Schmidt Active
3.2.3 Management and optimisation of the AWRI Wine Microorganism Culture Collection Simon Schmidt Active
3.3 Providing objective measures of grape grading and wine style 3.3.1 Objective measures of quality and provenance in Australian vineyards Keren Bindon Active
3.3.2 Digital solutions for grape quality measurement and management Markus Herderich Completed
3.3.4 Development of resources for the objective measurement of grape parameters to address ACCC recommendations Neil Scrimgeour, Eric Wilkes Active
3.4 Minimising taints and faults 3.4.1 Understanding Brettanomyces and its adaptation to control measures Anthony Borneman, Cristian Varela Active
3.4.2 Formation and fate of sulfur compounds associated with negative attributes in wine Marlize Bekker Active
3.4.2A Understanding and mitigating the development of reductive characters in canned wine Neil Scrimgeour Active
3.4.3 Mitigation of climate change impacts on the national wine industry by reduction in losses from controlled burns and wildfires and improvement in public land management Markus Herderich, Mark Krstic Active
3.4.3A Understanding and mitigating the impact of smoke exposure on grape and wine composition and wine sensory properties Mango Parker Active
Theme 4: Environment, sustainability and natural capital
4.1 Adapting to climate challenges 4.1.1 Managing the impact of vintage advancement and compression Keren Bindon Completed
4.2 Improving environmental performance 4.2.1 Supporting the sustainability of grape and wine businesses and Australia’s sustainability credentials Mardi Longbottom Active
4.3 Understanding Australia’s grapevine resources 4.3.1 Characterising genomic diversity in Australia’s grapevine germplasm Anthony Borneman, Simon Schmidt Inactive
4.3.1A Understanding the true background and identity of the Chardonnay Gingin clone in Australia Anthony Borneman, Simon Schmidt Completed
4.4 Understanding grape and wine provenance and quality 4.4.1 Defining regional variability and uniqueness of premium Australian Shiraz Leigh Francis Active
4.4.2 Development of tools to verify origin and varietal nature of wines Eric Wilkes Active
4.4.3 Bioprospecting Australian microbial genetic diversity Anthony Borneman, Cristian Varela Active
4.4.4 Rotundone and its role in defining terroir in iconic Australian cool climate ‘peppery’ Shiraz Markus Herderich, Mark Krstic Active
4.5 Delivering effective biosecurity, pest and disease management 4.5.1 Understanding the basis of agrochemical resistance in biotrophic grapevine pathogens Anthony Borneman Active
4.5.2 Viticulture biosecurity support Mardi Longbottom Completed
Theme 5: Foundational data and support services
5.1 Providing efficient administration and management 5.1.1 Efficient administration Chris Day Active
5.1.2 Information and knowledge management Linda Bevin Active
5.2 Delivering research support and accredited analytical services 5.2.1 Commercial Services Eric Wilkes Active
5.2.2 Research services Leigh Francis, Angus Forgan Active
5.2.3 WIC Winemaking Con Simos, John Gledhill Active
5.2.4 Metabolomics and bioinformatics service platforms Markus Herderich, Natoiya Lloyd Active
5.3 Monitoring winegrowing trends and production practices 5.3.1 Tracking trends in Australian wine composition and vineyard and winery practices Eric Wilkes, Simon Nordestgaard Active