Project 5.2.4

Metabolomics and bioinformatics service platforms

Project summary

Metabolomics Australia (MA) is a collaboration between the University of Melbourne, University of Queensland, University of Western Australia, Murdoch University and the AWRI that provides academia and industry with access to specialised analytical technologies for the measurement of small molecules.

As Australia’s sole full-service metabolomics platform, MA is a key contributor to metabolomics-based innovations, supporting translation of metabolomics concepts in biomolecular research and providing end-users with expertise in design of experiments, method development, validation and data analysis, together with customised bioinformatics solutions, training and support. The AWRI focuses on the metabolomics of agricultural products, foods and beverages, and microorganisms, areas of strategic and economic importance to Australia.

Project Contacts

Natoiya Lloyd
Luca Nicolotti

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