Project 3.1.4

Managing wine extraction, retention, clarity and stability for defined styles and efficient production

Project summary

The project will investigate:
• the role of macromolecules such as tannins, polysaccharides, proteins and their aggregate colloids, and their impact on stability, clarity, filtration and fouling;
• the impact of other wine matrix components on macromolecule extraction, retention and function;
• the source of these molecules or their precursors in grapes and yeast, and the impact of winemaking processes such as clarification, flotation, vinification and filtration on their retention and/or transformation;
• the impact of fouling of surfaces by macromolecules leading to production inefficiencies;
• alternative strategies for achieving protein stability and cold stability, for example, through use of novel additives and/or processing techniques;
• practical methods for wineries to determine likely extractability of macromolecules during winemaking and the factors that affect extraction and retention (e.g. enzymes, water additions and heat treatments).